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If you are interested in hosting a yoga retreat in Tofino, you have found the perfect place! With our classroom, accomodation facilities, and full kitchen you can design your own yoga retreat for up to 32 people (including staff), professionally catered or self-catered. By combining yoga practice with surf lessons, sea kayaking or other adventures, ecology or natural history walks, or cooking and gardening seminars, you can provide an enriching and satisfying experience for your clients in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Please e-mail us for more information! (Yoga teachers: Please note that our classroom/studio space is carpeted.)

Yoga in Pavillion


1. How big is your classroom and how many people can fit for yoga?

The classroom is 685 ft2. It is a carpeted floor, ivory walls, vaulted pine ceiling, and is heated with electric heat registers you can control yourself. There are also ample windows for natural light or for ventilation. There is also a small utility room for making tea. The yoga studio accommodates classes as large as 28 students. There is a storage closet to hold your mats, blocks and other materials should you wish to use the classroom for other purposes during your retreat (e.g., movie watching!). We have equipment and can offer blocks, bolster, straps and sitting cushions. We do NOT have mats in our classroom yoga equipment.  Please note that we DO NOT ALLOW candles in the classroom, but we recommend you bring strings of twinkly LED white lights if you are looking to create a certain atmosphere.

2. What is the maximum number of people you can accommodate for a retreat?

Yoga retreats are limited more by the number of people you want to fit in the classroom and the type of experience you want to give to your clients.

We can accommodate up to 32 people to sleep in the Ecolodge and up to 28 yoga students can practice in the classroom.

Every retreat facilitator has different ideas – please feel to discuss your needs with us!  Keep in mind that our ten room lodge can accommodate 26 people at full occupancy in the beds available (and up to 6 more in cots). Remember that you may have teachers, a caterer or chef and other helpers, we think you will find meeting the 26 person bed occupancy to be best.

3. What kind of kitchen facilities are available for our chef? Or, can you provide a caterer?

You can bring your own caterer or local caters are available in Tofino. Please ask us for recommendations for caterers. We provide a commercial kitchen fully stocked with plateware, utensils, and cookware which all our caterers have been very happy to work in. We do not provide a food processor or blender. Please ask us for more specific details on cookware, serving ware, appliances, etc, if needed.









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Pacific Elements Yoga offers teacher training and other special yoga classes at The Ecolodge. Visit their web site for more information.

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Milagro Retreats has been hosting Retreats at The Ecolodge since 2008. Seasonally inspired Catering Services are also provided through their Sister Company ~ hOMeGrown Living Foods. Please visit their web sites for more

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